“Lovingly-crafted, enchanting adaptation… Rating ****”  Metro

About The Show:

(Adapted from Neil Gaiman’s novel.)

Coraline is a bright and curious only child who loves exploring. So when she finds a secret door in her new house, she can’t resist the temptation to see what lies behind it. There she discovers a parallel world that is uncannily like her own – but also quite different. She befriends a smart-talking cat and performing rats, and meets counterfeit parents with buttons for eyes, and evil on their minds. What follows is nothing less than a battle for Coraline’s soul.

Fusing puppetry with atmospheric lighting, music and sound effects, Coraline takes its audience into a dark dream-world of vibrant characters and images. Suitable for both older children (10 years+) and adults, it explores themes of true and false love. A fairy-tale for the 21st century – it appeals without patronizing, thrills without terrifying, and, like all myths, operates on several levels to challenge and delight.

Throughout the production process in workshops and previews Púca Puppets consulted with members of their target audience in the making of this show.

Produced by Púca Puppets in association with Éigse Carlow Arts Festival.

Cast List

Director: Sue Mythen
Performers: Margot Jones Mothers, Miss Spink, Cat, Narrator 2
Coraline Narrator 1: Niamh Lawlor
Narrator 3: Fathers, Mr Bobo, Miss Forcible: Joe Moylan
Lighting: Moyra D’Arcy
Sound Op/ Stage Management: Maeve Colleary
Composer / Musical Direction: Slavek Kwi
Puppet and set making and Design: Fiona Dowling,Maree Kearns,Niamh Lawlor
Making Assistants: Maeve Colleary,Sarah Fitzpatrick
Carpentry: Eoghan O’Céirín
Photography: Jim Berkeley
Graphic Design: Margaret Lonergan
Coraline is assisted and supported by: Dublin City Council Arts Office, Abbey One Hundred, The Arts Council, Project Arts Centre


“Púca Puppets have come up with a remarkable fusion of Neil Gaiman’s much praised novel for children and their own finely-honed skills in puppetry. The result is a show that entertains adults as much as the 10-year-olds it is aimed at, a macabre fairytale that patronises neither group…a blend of stagecraft, excellent lighting and sound effects, directed by Sue Mythen. There is a balance …that stays on the right side of scary, retaining an imaginative grip throughout this impressive creation.”
Gerry Colgan, Irish Times, Oct 20th 2006

‘The stage pictures and puppets were lovely and fitted very neatly with the mood of Gaiman’s novel… There are slow, intense dreamlike images which linger, Coraline walking…a David Lynch moment with two old lesbian thespians and their audience of dogs…a mother’s arm nightmarishly extending…Coraline being hurled through the mirror slowly somersaulting to land on the other side, trapped.’
Franc Chamberlain, Total Theatre Magazine, UK

“This delightful adaptation … is weird, scary, funny and enchanting…The large range of puppets and props is handled with enormous dexterity by the three actors…a brave production in the era of computer effects and electronic wizardry, but it shows the power of a well-told, witty story to engage the emotions and fire the imagination.”
Rating * * * * *Michael Moffatt, Irish Mail on Sunday, October 22nd 2006

“Lovingly-crafted, enchanting adaptation … Coraline may have been written with children in mind but it’s an occasionally chilling and atmospheric fable that will appeal to young and old alike… It’s an altogether engaging and refreshing piece…
Rating* * * * Daragh Reddin, Metro, October 23rd 2006

“This show was even better than the book. I loved the show but I thought it was going to be stupid but it was not…I would pay a million to see it again”  “It was a bit funny and scary at the same time it was so cool”
Letters from 10 yr olds, St Patrick’s National School, Co Meath