Mary Mary’s reviews

“conceptual perfection…the use of the puppet brings not only a lightness to the proceedings, but also creates a larger range of action and movement…Watching the two operate the puppet…is like watching a glass artist create a delicate bowl or dancers perform a pas de deux (or in this case trois)…Hugel and Lawlor seem to be as much operated by the puppet as they are responsible for bringing her to life”
Susan Conley, The Irish Times, Monday, April 16, 2001.

‘Púca Puppets have a real charmer in Mary, Mary… it portrays the last hours on earth of an 85-year old woman, the kind that used to be known as “a character”. She is played by a puppet, manipulated by two young women who create her movements and speech. The puppeteers are Helene Hugel and Niamh Lawlor, unobtrusively perfect in every physical and vocal nuance. They are superbly supported by Liz Keller with music and sound effects, and Leticia Agudo directs. For about an hour, they create something special, a small stage gem that sparkles brightly.’
Gerry Colgan, Irish Times

‘The white faced and diminutive foot-high Mary Mary walks painfully and slowly across Púca’s specially constructed stage – with each arthritic step and wheezy breath precisely and meticulously animated by Hugel and Lawlor… The fluid transition from one scene to the next and the skilful transition of objects – of sheets into waves, of a suitcase into trains… infuses Mary Mary’s dream world with a beguiling charm…

The success of Mary Mary’s Last Dance lies in its unabashed affection for its central character’s vibrancy, and for proving once again that puppetry is more than child’s play: it can be both serious and magical.’
Jocelyn Clarke, Sunday Tribune

It was also acclaimed at its Belfast tour:

‘ …a production of beauty and empathy…

Leticia Agudo’s fluid and intricate direction…eschews the sentimental and opts for wry comedy…’
Ian Hill, News Letter

‘This short little show, performed with such affection and precision…is a telling example of the power of puppetry.
Grania McFadden, Belfast Telegraph

‘It is a great joy to witness a team of artists working with the utmost respect for their materials and their craft, able to produce great art from a simple, deep vocabulary of word and gesture.’
Ciaran Carson, Irish Examiner