Liz Keller

Liz Keller received an honours degree in Biochemistry from Trinity College. She studied fiddle at the Royal College of Music in Dublin, and drama at the Samuel Beckett Centre. With Bill Whelan she worked on the Abbey premier of Tom MacIntyres Sheep’s Milk On The Boil and with Conor Linehen on The Coleen Bawn. She devised and performed for Joseph at The Lyric, and appeared in Bohemian Lights at the Gate Theatre, Notting Hill. Liz was both actor and musician in The Tempest and Macbeth at The English Shakespeare Company and in The Hostage and Venetian Twins for the Royal Shakespeare Company. With Big Telly Theatre Company she has devised, directed, and performed on various projects including, To Hell With Faust, Cuchullain and Metamorphosis. She wrote and performed in Trickle Me Dry for The Wrench at The City Arts Centre. Most recently she devised and performed in No Place Like Home for the Tinderbox Theatre Company.