Bairbre O’Sullivan (Piano Composition)

Bairbre has an honours degree in music from Trinity College Dublin. She has been Musical Director and performer in a variety of theatrical contexts such as The Goethe Institute’s 100 Years of Brecht concert, which toured Ireland and the UK in 1998, The Abbey Theatre’s The Plough And The Stars directed by Gary Hynes in 1991, and Comotion Theatre Company’s Cabaret Kabaret in 1992, in which Agnes Bernelle also performed. She accompanied , arranged and directed for Agnes extensively, touring with her regularly. For RTE, in addition to many television performances, she has performed and arranged two documentaries, John Comiskey’s Documentary on Bernelle, 1993, and Liam O’Reilly’s Lest We Should Cry 1989, and she composed for their co-production with Paradox Pictures Quando. Also for Paradox she


composed for On The Pigs Back, and for Courtyard Films Cold Turkey. She teaches music and has co-presented Music Theatre workshops in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre Company’s Head-quarters.  She is currently working on a children’s Opera with the assistance and hindrance of her two young sons.