The Mice and The Elephants / Na Luchóga agus na hEilifint


Elephant and mouse with set Elephants  Class response CAIL Elephants Drawing CAIL 14

Age Group: 3-5 year olds and their families.

“Did anyone hear anything? I thought I heard a little creaky squeaking sound?” said the Elephant.

 “Please can you ask the elephants to stop walking on us!” the Mouse shouted. The Elephant looked around, “Is that a tickly little noise or do my ears need cleaning? Oh my goodness, what a teeny, tiny, funny little furry thing you are, did you say something? Come up here beside my ear until I hear you speak”.

A storytelling performance commissioned by Dublin City Council’s Children’s Art In Libraries Programme, to celebrate and mark the arrival of three new baby elephants in Dublin Zoo. Inspired by a Panchatantra Hindu animal fable from India, simple paper sets and puppets are used to re-enact, this gentle and imaginative tale of the small saving the large. The children have a chance to respond to the piece through drawing at the end.

Duration: 45 mins. Capacity: 25 children + their adults (some exceptions may be made for primary school groups with co-operation of the teacher).

It is possible to perform two shows in one day. Available also ‘as gaeilge’ or bi-lingually, please advise on booking.

Na Luchóga agus na hEilifintí

Ba mhór ag Púca Puppets Na Luchóga agus na hEilifintí a chur os bhur gcomhair. Fabhal ainmhithe de chuid Panchatanta Hindu ón Ind atá ann.  Ag brath ar líníocht, ar pháipéar agus ar phuipéid, léireofar an scéal álainn seo.  Tá teachtaireacht ar leith ann- cabhraíonn an té ‘beag’ leis an té ‘mór’.